Why coworking ?

Coworking is the new way for independent workers, entrepreneurs, teleworkers and students to share a workspace in the 21st century: It is about working in an environment that improves productivity and extends the network.

The spaces of coworking are places of welcome, meetings and work combining conviviality, professionalism and flexibility. Specific animations (workshops, conferences ...) are organized in order to allow you to develop your activity, enlarge your network and acquire new skills.

Coworking promotes interaction, boosts your energy and your motivation and paves the way for new career opportunities. It will help you grow your business faster, expand your personal and professional networks and help you finding new clients. If you start coworking, you will be more productive and more creative, you will improve your life work balance and you will be motivated to work by surrounding yourself of hardworking professionals like you.


Who we are ?

We offer private desks in a space ideally designed to develop new ideas with people from different background. The common spaces have a nice atmosphere that will release the creativity of your team and the people you invite to our workspace.

In our community, you can get a feedback on your product or service in real time, you can get recommendations from coworkers, customers, coaches and trainers. You can quickly develop your business. We offer you optimal conditions to work, but also to relax. We organize events every day, professional or not, to help you establish a true team spirit. You can register for one of these activities at any time. Events are an essential part of the Orga experience.


Our service

Our mission is to do everything we can to improve our community. We offer many services to facilitate the tasks to our coworkers : Unique and spacious common areas, Confortable desks, Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi access, Multi-function Printer, Training events, Meetings between professionals…